Monday, September 15, 2008

Time Out A.K.A. "The Corner"

Fearless got in trouble tonight for purposely dumping her milk on the living room floor. AS IF our carpet isn't dirty enough (and we're most likely going to get hardwood flooring soon...thanks Emmerson and Baylee), Miss Em decided to add yet another milk stain to the floor. She thinks it's a game since it comes out of certain sippy cups so quickly and easily. Time to put those away in the back of the cupboard, I guess.

She's been told numerous times that this isn't allowed and has been disciplined for it. Usually she doesn't cry.

Tonight we tried a different approach. Daddy made her sit in the chair for one minute and face THE CORNER. She hated it. And she cried her head off. Hysterically. You would've thought she'd been there forEVER.

I couldn't help it. I HAD to take a few pictures. Why? One, because I had to have proof that something actually WORKED with her.

And two, it reminded me too much of the countless times that I spent in the corner at her least from what I've seen in pictures, specifically this one:

Like mother, like daughter. Notice any resemblance?

At the Fair

A couple of weeks ago, we went to the fair. It was Emmeron's first fair experience ever. (Little did we know that this also was the night before everyone but Emmerson got sick with the dreadful stomach virus. )

We all had a good time and Emmerson even got to ride a few rides. I'm sure she wasn't tall enough for most of them, but they let her on anyway, as long as one of us rode with her. We stuffed our faces with Pronto Pups, corn on the cob, Diet Coke, a bottle of water, and a funnel cake. Steve also had some kind of sandwich, but I forget what it's called. All of that probably added up to $27,362.57. Okay, maybe not quite that much, but you get the point; when you go to the fair, you're GONNA spend some serious dough.

We enjoyed ourselves at the petting zoo. Emmerson? Not so much. I'm surprised that "Fearless" didn't want to be near the goats. That's a first. We rode a few rides with Emmerson and we each had some tickets left over to go on a ride by ourselves. We both realized that riding by yourself at the fair is just not as much fun.

By the time 8:30 rolled around, we knew it was time to scoot ourselves out of there because the little one was getting tired. She laughed and smiled all the way to the exit. I think her first fair experience turned out to be a great one!

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