Thursday, July 31, 2008

Heigh-Ho, Heigh-Ho, It's Off to Work I Go

And don't think I'm singing this tune merrily.

Today is the last day of summer vacation. I have to go to bed in an hour, so I can get up early tomorrow for school. Guess which dwarf that makes me. I'll give you a hint. It's not Doc, Sneezy, Bashful, Happy, Dopey, or Sleepy (although I probably WILL be Sleepy tomorrow).

The only one left is this guy:

Don't get me wrong. I LOVE teaching and I LOVE kids.

I'm just not ready to start back so soon.

On a side note, I was looking at a clip on YouTube of that song from Snow White because I wasn't sure whether to spell it "Heigh" or "Hi" and I NEVER knew that they said, "It's home from work we go." I always thought it was, "It's off to work we go." Hmmm. I've sung it wrong this WHOLE time, like, for 20+ years?! Well...guess that explains the blog title.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Friday, July 25, 2008

The Dancing Queen

This is one of the video clips of Emmerson dancing it up during the water show at the Opryland Hotel.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Hey, Tiger Fans: We Met Joey Dorsey!!

Well, that was the PLAN for tonight anyways. Too bad it fell through. And that really stinks.

Here's what REALLY happened:

FYI: We are Tiger fans! This year was the first time we had season basketball tickets and went to almost all the home games. I wore Memphis shirts to school on just about every game day that I could (and even wore one the day after the Vols lost to Louisville in the Sweet Sixteen match up). We even bought CSTV (and canceled after b-ball season) just so we could see the games that weren't shown on the other available channels. THAT'S how dedicated we are to this team.

I have Joey Dorsey as a friend on my Myspace (not that he ever sends me a comment or anything, but shh...that's not the point!). ANYway, he wrote on his status thing earlier this week that he was going to be signing autographs at Circuit City in Collierville today (Thursday) from 5:30-7:30 p.m. It was for their Grand Opening.

Steve and I emailed back and forth today and I asked him if he wanted to go. "Sure, we'll go." Great! We wouldn't be able to leave, though, until he got home from work, which would be shortly after five sometime. He also wanted me add that he canceled a (potential) golf game for this afternoon so we could go to this signing.

We both had Tiger shirts on, Emmerson was wearing a cute blue and white striped dress, and we had things for Joey to sign. And we remembered to bring the camera.

So by the time we got everyone and everything loaded in the car, it was about 5:15. I'm glad I brought the snacks because Em was being crabby. I couldn't blame her. It was dinner time for her and we were quite hungry ourselves.

Fast forward an hour...because that's how long we had to drive to GET to Collierville.

We pulled into the Circuit City parking lot and noticed that it was pretty packed. A long line of people formed down the sidewalk and wrapped around the corner. "Goo! Look at that line, Shannon!" was all Steve could say. But we expected that.

What we did NOT expect is what is to follow.

After finding a close parking space, we decided that I'd wait in line while Steve and Em drove to one of the deli shops at the mall to bring us back something to eat. I grabbed my camera and purse and made my way to the never-ending line. That's when the not-so-muscular security guard stopped me.

"Are you coming for the signing?"


"Well, they told me to tell everyone else coming that the line stops at those people over there because he has to leave by 7:30."

Are you KIDDING ME RIGHT NOW? is what I said...but only in my head.

Instead, I probably had a disgusted look on my face. And rightly so! Because you know why?


"Okay," was all that fell out of my mouth. I had more to say, oh did I, but nothing that I was brave enough to voice. I noticed people staring at me as I turned to walk away. They were probably thinking, "Aww, she can't get Joey's autograph? I should really give her my spot. Whew! I'm glad it's her and not us!"
No more? You're telling me that I came all this way and no more can get in line?! I wonder if that's how Mary and Joseph felt when everyone kept telling them, "Sorry, there's no more room." (Yeah, I know I wasn't about to deliver a baby, but still....I want you to understand how I FELT.)

Hey, advertisers! I've got a brilliant idea. Do you think next time in your radio ad you could possibly say, 'Be sure to get there early enough, like before sunrise, even if you have to drive from Timbuktu, or you just MIGHT be turned away by wimpy Circuit City security guards.'?

But I digress.

So I called Steve and broke the news. "Hey, they said no more people can get in line, so come and get me." As I watched the car turn back around, others who had received the same disheartening news headed back to their cars with heads hanging down, shoulders slumped.

Once I got in the car, Steve even tried one.more.time and drove up the guard and said, "We just drove an hour to get here. Can't we just get in line?" And then the guard proceeded to tell him the exact same thing he told me. It was no good.

Disappointed and disgusted, we drove away and went to Red Robin to eat dinner. It turns out that a group of girls who had just left from the signing sat down at the table next to ours. No fair. They must've gotten there early...or earliER than we did. Obviously.

Dinner was okay. We were both pretty bummed that Emmerson wasn't going to have a picture with Joey. He probably could've held her in just one of his hands. It would've looked pretty funny, actually. Funny, but cute. While we ate, the Red Robin (mascot?) was walking around the restaurant waving to folks and such. Emmerson waved to "it" and that's about it. As soon as it came near her, she would wrinkle up her face and almost produce some tears. She seemed brave, though, and kept waving, so Steve took her over to the Robin to see if she'd give it a hug. Nope. She clung to her daddy for dear life and turned her head. "It must be because it looks too much like a Jayhawk," he laughed to the Tiger fans sitting next to us. He got a good chuckle out of them too.

Pssst...In case you non-NCAA basketball fans don't "get it," he was referring to the Kansas Jayhawks. The ones who beat us in the national championship game this year.

We finished dinner and left around 7:15. We decided to go back to Circuit City to see if the line had died down at all. I sent Steve in with the camera and told him to call me if we could come in. He never called.

It turns out that all they did was move the super long line INside because it had started raining. The line stretched to the back of the store. No chance of an autograph tonight.

But here's where a little ray of sunshine dances into the story:

One of the security guards standing near Joey just so happened to be one of the guards Steve worked with when he was with First Tennessee.

"Steeeeeeeeeeeve! What's going on, man?" he said as he slapped his hand into a handshake. "Just brought the family up here to get a picture and autograph, but the line was too long." "Well, come on up here with me!" And Steve walked right up to the front.

He was about five feet from Joey when he took these pictures. Sure, that little boy doesn't look a THING like Emmerson, but that's okay. Better than nothing, I suppose.

Once we got home, I called my parents and told them our sad, sad story (sniff). Mom told me it would've been easier to have gotten a picture of him off the computer. Gee, thanks for the sympathetic words, Mom. But it's not really the same thing. And I don't know to Photoshop Emmerson into pictures. Dad was a little more understanding. He said I should've gone into the store, held out Emmerson in front of him, and said sadly, "Joey, that mean security guard said we couldn't get in line. Can you puh-lease take a picture with her?"

And in our what-we-should-have-done story....that Joey Dorsey...he would have.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

I took these yesterday while Emmerson was napping. I had gone in to check on her and this is exactly how I found her. These pictures definitely go under the "Awwwww" category.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

To Nashville and Back...and Everything In-Between

Summer has almost come to an end. It has flown by so quickly! Where did the time go? There are only eight more days of sweet, sweet summer left and it deeply saddens me. Do you know what that means?

We had to fit in just one more little vacation.

We had already been to Destin last month, so another big trip was out of the question. We like to take little weekend trips to Nashville every once in awhile because it's far enough to get to spend the night in a nice hotel, but close enough to home where the drive does not take a billion hours (like it seemed for Destin).

On Friday evening, soon after Steve got home from work, we packed the car up and left. Emmerson slept maybe an hour of the drive, while I stayed awake and kept Steve company. Oh, and it helped to listen to our Christmas cds too. (Yes, we basically listen to Christmas music all year round. We're dorky like that.)

We got to the hotel around 10 that evening. The place was crowded. Steve had to park in the way back...that would be the back lot. There was a big Premier bus parked in front of the hotel and about a million cars everywhere else. Do you know why? It's because of "the curse."

What is the curse? Well, without going into TOO much detail, let me just say that weddings and reunions (whether it be family or the 52nd Annual Class of 1956 High School Reunion with matching orange and blue t-shirts) always seem to follow us to the same exact hotel where we are staying. As a matter of fact, during our drive, we had just been talking about how many reunions and big events we'd encountered since we'd been married. I think this makes six. At least. But who's counting?

So back to checking-in...

We walked in and the first thing out of Steve's mouth in a sing-song voice was, "Matching teeee-shiiiiiirts!" Imagine that. I couldn't hold back the laughter and shook my head. UN-believable.

We got our room keys and went up to the fourth floor like they told us. We had to request a room change because the room SCREAMED coughed (get it?) of cigarette smoke. There was no way we would've been able to stay in there for two nights, let alone one. Steve was awarded the duty of going back down to handle it. He calmly told the lady of our situation. Rolling her eyes and letting out a huge sigh of disgust, the front desk lady said, "All of the rooms are non-smoking." "Well, someone definitely was smoking in this one,"Steve assured her.

A new room assignment and about ten twenty minutes later, Steve slowly walked off the elevator to the fourth floor where Emmerson and I had been waiting...and waiting....and waiting. Let me tell you, it's hard to keep an antsy toddler entertained, especially when it's way past her bedtime and her mama is tired. Do you know why we had to wait so long? While we we were waiting (again) on the elevator to go up to the 8th floor to our new room, Steve informed me that there were two girls, a middle school age and her seven-year old sidekick, riding up and down the elevator and pushing all of the buttons. I told him, "Wait 'til they get up here. Is that them?" In my best teacher voice, I politely but firmly said, "Hey, can y'all please quit pushing all the buttons? A lot of us have been waiting for awhile." They smiled nervously and nodded. I had embarrassed them. They knew it and I knew it. When we got to our floor, I looked down at the elevator. The girls weren't on it anymore. Hmm. Wonder why? *Shrug*

We had requested a baby crib and they had one, free of charge, waiting outside of the door to our room. We looked at it and laughed. It didn't come with all the bells and whistles of a new crib (which wasn't to be expected), but we knew it would manage for a couple of nights. It was also better than hauling the pack-n-play.

Once inside, I called my parents and told them we had arrived safely, while Emmerson explored her new surroundings. We got everything situated and got ready for bed. It was 10:40 by this time. Dad texted me and asked if Em was sleeping. "Not yet," I typed back and sent him this picture:

"Mommy!! I'm tired and this isn't my comfortable bed at home! Can't I sleep with you?!"

Let's fast forward a little...

We all FINALLY got to sleep and woke up the next morning early for breakfast since we knew it'd be crowded. One thing we LOVE about our favorite hotel is the free breakfast. It's not your typical doughnut and coffee type thing. We're talking omlets, hashbrowns, bacon, sausage, fruit, and biscuits and gravy. Is your mouth watering yet?

After breakfast, the plan was to go shopping at Opry Mills and then come back to the hotel and rest, and then go to dinner and walk around the Opryland Hotel. I'll just tell you right now that we didn't go back to the hotel to rest because we spent all of our time at the mall.

I found a lot of great end-of-summer deals for Emmerson and a few things for myself. Steve was the great husband he always is and strolled Emmerson around while he patiently waited for me listened to his iPod that he brought with him. That's what he does to keep himself entertained when he goes shopping with me. He was even able to finish listening to the Harry Potter book. Emmerson totally missed her normal nap time since we got a late start to our day. Thankfully, she finally wore herself out and slept for about an hour and a half in the mall. Whew! Thank goodness for reclining strollers.

Around dinner time, we decided to just head directly to the Opryland Hotel. No time for rest.

Little Miss Independent. If one of us wasn't holding her hand, she'd run off.

It was getting close to dinnertime, but we first wanted to take Em on the little boat ride they have in there. We spent too much purchased on our tickets and waited about five minutes before boarding.

"I've got a Golden Ticket! It's all MINE and you can't have it!"

We didn't buy the overpriced photo of the three of us. I took our own pictures instead.

"Gosh, Mom, haven't you taken enough pictures of me yet?"

The Lochness Monster

After the relaxing ride, we found a place to eat and sit to watch the water light show that would start at 8 pm. Daddy went and got the food, while Emmerson entertained the family sitting at the table next to us by laughing at the teenage boy who was making funny faces at her.

The water show was very beautiful. It's set to fast-paced music and it was very funny to watch the little kiddos around dance crazy-like. Of course, Emmerson loved it and was a dancing queen from the beginning to the end of the show.

We took a few more pictures and let Emmerson walk around the garden path for a little bit without anyone holding her hand. She LOVED that and thought it was awesome that SHE got to make the ultimate decisions on which way to go.

I think the best part of the Opryland Hotel experience for Emmerson and for us...HANDS DOWN...was her toddling through the main lobby, crawling up the stairs, and running like a prison escapee in one of the big (and empty) carpeted ballrooms. Squealing and hearing her voice echo was so amusing to her. We definitely enjoyed that part the best because it was one of those happy moments that you etch in your memory and never, ever want to forget.

So....let's review the things we did there at the ol' Opryland Hotel that we've been to a countless number of times and what they were worth....

Parking= $16.00 + tax

Tickets for boat ride= $20.00
Greasy not-good-for-your-health cheeseburger and fries=$15.00

Light show= free with admission (so $17.42)

Watching Emmerson run around freely=Priceless
I wish I could get the video to load.

Once we were ALL worn out, we headed back to the hotel and went straight to bed. No, not really. SOMEbody thought it was still play time. And I'll give you a hint. It wasn't me. Or Steve.

Future Gamer of America

"Ahhh! You found me, Mommy!"

I love to read books....upside down.

She finally was so worn out that she was literally crawling into her bed.

No, not really. She just likes to climb on things. That silly little monkey.

It didn't take too long before Em was out. We slept in later the next morning, but we still didn't miss out on our wonderful breakfast. We got everything loaded into the car and headed to a different mall in Franklin. I was good had spent almost all that I wanted to on Emmerson the day before, and I only bought her a cute pair of denim shorts that were on sale. Oh, and I couldn't resist the cute variety of hair bows being sold at a booth near the food court and snatched up twelve of those little suckers. They are totally worth the money and I even got a few to match outfits for the upcoming Tiger football season.

By 1 pm, it was lunch time. Late breakfast...remember? We went over to eat at TGI FRidays. Emmerson had cheese pizza and mandarin oranges (this is important for later). We enjoyed our meal, but we were all so very tired. Steve needed a pick-me-up to endure the treacherous drive home, so we were going to stop at Starbucks after filling up the car with gas one more time before heading home.

Emmerson was drinking her lemonade from her cup. Sometimes she drinks a little too fast and gets choked up a little. She did this a few times and I thought nothing of it. Then her coughs became deeper and stronger until it sounded more like dry heaving. Oh no, this is it! I thought. Somewhere between driving from the gas station to Starbucks, her lunch revisisted her....WHOLE. A big sea of mess covered her and her seat. I had to keep from gagging too. I told Steve to hurry up so I could get her cleaned up. He floored it and whipped into the parking lot, leaving me alone to clean up the grossness while he went in to get his drink and napkins..and some water. Gee, thanks a lot, I thought. By the time he walked back out, I was already done cleaning up E and had started on the seat. Thank goodness I had packed an extra package of wipes. Do you also know that Clorox travel wipes and travel-sized Lysol do come in handy in extreme emergencies? What life savers. The seat was cleaned up as best as possible. I had to have the windows rolled down to let some air in...or is it out? Anyway, regardless, Steve claimed he never could smell the stuff and said I have an extra sensitive smeller. I had to hold my breath to keep from doing the same thing. Emmerson was fine, by the way. I think she just ate too quickly and had more than her bitty tummy could handle. She slept for a good two hours. And just so you know, Steve scrubbed the seat and washed it with soap and water once we got home. Now it's Tide Fresh clean. Luckily for you, I didn't take a picture of that awful event. I wouldn't want to look at it and I'm sure you probably wouldn't either.

Because of our wonderful GPS system, we were able to shave off about half an hour off our drive home. It gives you the quickest route to anywhere, even it means taking you down the back country roads that don't seem to have much civilization. Steve started singing the Dueling Banjos song when we would see some not-so-normal things along the way. Thankfully, we arrived home safely late Sunday afternoon.

So.....we had an almost uneventful trip. Not too bad. We had loads of fun and made some more special memories on our vacay, even if it includes the dreaded curse and puking. That's what they're all about, right? The memories, I mean.

I can't wait to see what our next vacation brings.

Friday, July 18, 2008

PaPoo + Babysitting = Priceless Picture

My dad, who is also known as PaPoo, came over this morning to babysit Emmerson while I went and ran errands this afternoon. He always enjoys the time he gets to spend with long as he doesn't have to change any stinky diapers!

As I headed out the door, I casually told him, "Oh, Emmerson's diaper needs to be changed."
"Noooo! You do it before you go," begged PaPoo.

"Nope! I gotta go!" I said as I was already halfway out the door by then.

Once I came home, I asked dad if he changed Emmerson. "Yep, but it was only a pee diaper." I'm sure he was relieved by that.

Jump ahead a few hours to about one o'clock this afternoon....

Emmerson had finished lunch, so the plan was bath and then nap. She's always so, so excited about bath time. I have to watch her or she'll step right into the tub...clothes and all.

Now something you may not know about our daughter...she does not like to be still or held down. So making her be still while taking her clothes and diaper off is not the least bit enjoyable....especially if she knows a bath is waiting for her.

Imagine, if you will, what my reaction was when I unbuttoned her
onesie and saw this:

Yup, you guessed it. Immediate laughter. Oh, and of course I just HAD to grab my camera. Why? If you can't tell, her diaper is on BACKWARDS!!! She was so upset about it that she threw a fit and cried hysterically. No. Not really. She just didn't want to be still for the picture.

Wait! That's not all! Let me give you the view from the other side.

At least she won't be able to take it off herself.

Sorry Dad. I totally couldn't pass that one up. Sure, we've all done silly things like that at least once in our lives. First time parents? Probably. Older sibling? Maybe.

But Dad...REALLY? Didn't you change enough of OUR diapers when we were little to know which is the front and which is the back?

I guess now you know what this means. YOU get to be the diaper changer EVERY time you're with Emmerson.

This is proof that you need the practice.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

I'm Not the Only One After All!

Well, well, well. It seems like I'm not the only crazy one in the world who gives feelings to inanimate objects. If you are clueless to what I'm talking about, you might want to start here first. (It's #10 on the list)

I just so happened to be reading on the Post Secret site just now and stumbled upon this:

And then two people replied to that secret:

-----Email Message-----

Sent: Sunday, July 13, 2008 11:10 AM
I'm the kind of person who can't separate a bunch of bananas in the store because they'll miss each other. I have to buy the whole bunch, or none at all.

-----Email Messge-----
Sent: Sunday, July 13, 2008 12:41 AM
i buy the saddest "charlie brown" christmas tree i can find every year because i feel sorry for it, knowing no one else would ever choose it.i love that part of me.

So there. I'm not the only one who does it.

And for the record, my sister and I were talking about this very same thing today and she said she does that too. When she said that, I raised both arms in the air above my head and cried, "YEEEESSSSSSSSS!!! I'm not crazy after all!!!" Of course, I did this while sitting in a quiet little coffee shop. Any one sitting near us who might've heard me probably thought otherwise at that moment.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Monday, July 14, 2008

In Her Shoes

Emmerson LOVES shoes. She inherited that from me, obviously. For some reason, she takes hers off constantly. We've cut down on the shoe battles in the car by just BRINGING them with us and then put them on her once we park the car.

While she doesn't keep hers on, she gets a major thrill of walking around in "grown-up" shoes. I remember that same excitement of wearing my mom's shoes when I was a little girl.

Here is some video of her from one day last week, clunking around in my brown wedges.

Those are some mighty big shoes to fill, little one.

Click to play In Her Shoes
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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

"Not Necessary!"

That's what I told my husband after he killed horrifically murdered a huge spider that was on our back porch. WITH HIS GOLF CLUB, I might add!

"Look at the size of this spider! It's huge! I'm going to KILL it!" Steve exclaimed (probably with an evil grin on his face too) as he stepped inside to grab his trusty nine iron. "You don't want this thing going after your daughter, do you?"

I knew it wouldn't. I begged him not to do it. He looked like he was about to smack it clear into the back fence of our yard. It was no use. I thought I'd show him how frustrated I was as I slammed the door and hit one of the window panels of our back door, hard enough to make the glass vibrate. In my head, the glass shattered to a million pieces and I was glad that it did. Maybe, just MAYbe, he'd get the hint and wouldn't kill it. But back to reality, he was ready to commit one of the worst acts of murder you've ever seen (in my opinion), so I quickly walked away from the door.

I. was. mad.

If you can't figure out by now why this would disturb me so much, then you need to read #9 from Monday's post. And even if I didn't kill it, HE did. It certainly wasn't bothering anyone at all. Probably just doing its job of gathering food for its offspring. Not that I'd want it or the young'ns in my house, but still. That's not the point.

When Steve came back in, I yelled said firmly, "Killing that spider was NOT necessary, especially if it was not hurting anyone!" "It could've hurt Emmerson," he argued. "No, it wouldn't have!"

I just don't get it.

He *knows* how I feel about killing things like spiders and bugs. That's one of the quirky things about me that came with the package when he married me. I was like that even BEFORE I got married. Just ask my family.

He *knows* that whenever a bug or spider is in the house, I won't tell him because I know he'll kill it.

*He knows* that I am pro-life with bugs and spiders and will even "perform a rescue" by scooping it on a piece of paper and then shove it out the door, usually in a grassy area.

He.knows. And I reminded him. Again.

So of course, when he came to see me in the office to say his goodnights, he gently whispered, "I love you." I kind of mumbled in agreement. You know, when you're mad at someone, and you don't even want to say anything at ALL, but you'd feel really badly if you didn't? "Mmmm hmmm," was the only reply I offered him.

"Aren't you gonna say 'I love you' back?"

Rolling eyes. Fiiiiiiiine.

"I love you, but I don't like you right now."

He chuckled because he'd heard that response before a time or two. Knowing that that was definitely the end of his wife's conversation with him tonight, he turned and slowly walked away.


***FYI***- I didn't shed any tears over the killing of the spider (I'm not THAT crazy), but I still wasn't happy about it. You may feel differently about bugs and spiders and want to stomp on them as soon as you see them. I'm just expressing the way that I feel, so please don't laugh at me. It's the truth. Also, I feel a lot better now. Thank goodness for blogs.

Watch out!

Emmerson is one adventurous and nosy little girl. I think she gets it from her daddy. Or from my mother. We're going to start calling her....

Because she is.

We bought a storage chest that doubles as a toy box for her. This was so that, when closed, it still makes our living room look like a "grown-up" room.

This is something she just started two days ago. She's into EVERYthing...and I mean into.

Luckily, I had the camera near and was able to capture some funny pictures and video.

Click to play Toy Box
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I hope you enjoyed it. I know I did.


Monday, July 7, 2008

Hey! What's So Quirky?

My friend, Tina, posted a blog recently about what makes her quirky. She was supposed to have written it sooner than later, and she eventually got around to doing it. She wanted her readers to either post about it or leave a comment. Since I haven't written anything since, oh, last Wednesday, I thought it'd be time to get my rear in gear and let you in on some of my weird doings.

Here ya go...

1) I cannot STAND it when new toilet paper is placed on the roll under and not over. It just doesn't make sense to have to reach UNDER the roll to pull out a few squares (okay, many) of TP. That's like doing extra work. It's soooooo much easier to roll and tear from the my opinion.

2) My room at school is kept a lot neater than my house. Probably because more people than just me see my room than the latter.

3) I am a hobby doer wannabe. I start too many "things" (i.e. scrapbooking, working out, organizing, framing pictures etc.), but can't be consistent with it and then whatever I have started goes kaput. Right, Tina and Cindy? Ha! I have a plethora of pictures of Emmerson and haven't put them in frames yet. There are so many good ones and I can't believe they aren't being displayed. *Sigh.* I just hope I can keep up with this blog thing!

4) Once summer starts (and even at the end of May), I'm all about some flip-flops. I am rarely seen in anything besides them, unless I'm at church. In that case, I'm wearing sandals that have the thingy in between the toes.

5) I teach fifth grade language arts, which includes Spelling, English, and Reading. I don't really like to read books that much. I go in spurts where I'll find something that peaks my interest, but usually it's only Parenting Magazine and Us Weekly. My almost 16 month old daughter has more books in her own bookshelf than I do in my whole house. What a shame. I know. She loves books. I read to her everyday in hopes that she will always love to read and not follow in my footsteps in that way.

6) I research everything on Google and self-diagnose myself and my family's illnesses. I tend to be a little neurotic overly concerned in some cases. Other times, I have found that doing my research has been very beneficial to me. It has its pluses and minuses.

7) I love love LOVE finding grammatical errors in our town's local newspaper. Not only that, but EVERYWHERE! Business signs are the best. Example: Sofa's Today This was a sign my sister and I saw and had a discussion about it. Nerds. Yeah. I know. I said, "Do they mean 'The sofa IS today' or do they mean 'the today belonging to the sofa'?" Oh, it was a magnificent conversation for the English nerds.

8) When I go clothes shopping, I most always have to try the item on. In the fitting room, I go through a little routine. Stand up. Sit down. Twirl around so I can see the back. Go out to the three-way mirror and do the same thing (minus the twirling). Ask my husband or whoever is shopping with me, "Do you like this?" And sometimes...SOMEtimes ask the fitting room attendent her opinion of the said item. Sometimes I walk in with ten things to try on and come out with none. It doesn't make my sister or husband very happy because they feel like I wasted precious time. Needless to say, not many people can hang with me when I go shopping.

9) I don't like to kill bugs, spiders, insects, or any animal. I always think, "But that is someone's baby, mother, father, sister, brother, or some other relative." The way I see it, if they are not bothering me or about to harm me or one of my family members, then leave them alone.

And the last quirky thing about me (not limited to just ten)...

10) I give feelings to inanimate objects. Yup, it's true. Like if I throw away a bag of popcorn, either ALL of the popped popcorn has to be put in the bowl or at least two have to stay in the bag just so one won't be lonely. When I was little, my pets in my pet net HAD to be covered up at night or they would be cold. If I slept with one stuffed animal one night, another one got its turn the next night. They rotated. I blame it on The Velveteen Rabbit or some other child story I read where the animals and other toys came to life while the children were sleeping. Toy Story can be given blame as well, although I think all of that began much earlier before that movie was even made.

Now that you're thinking, "That girl needs to be in a straight jacket," what's so quirky about you?

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Now THAT'S some crazy hair!

Sometimes, after you wake up from a good sleep/nap, you find your hair has done some crazy stuff. Come on, you know what I'm talking about. You've tossed and turned and have no ponytail holder in to keep your hair somewhat manageable.

Then you wake up to find that your hair is such a mess and wouldn't DARE be caught in public in the state that it's in. In fact, it is SO crazy that it MIGHT even look like a certain celebrity's mugshot.

Oh no, it wasn't my hair. It was little Miss Fussy Pants's.

She had come back from the pool just hours before and I put her back in bed to finish her nap. After a good two hours of sleep, Em woke up crying. I giggled and said, "Nice hair" as I picked her up out of her crib.

I immediately thought of this guy and his infamous mug shot.

Notice any resemblance? Well, she does have bangs. AND she is MUCH prettier...even if her hair is a little wacko.

**I promise I gave her a bath and combed it before going out to dinner tonight. Please. Like I would embarrass myself her.