Monday, July 7, 2008

Hey! What's So Quirky?

My friend, Tina, posted a blog recently about what makes her quirky. She was supposed to have written it sooner than later, and she eventually got around to doing it. She wanted her readers to either post about it or leave a comment. Since I haven't written anything since, oh, last Wednesday, I thought it'd be time to get my rear in gear and let you in on some of my weird doings.

Here ya go...

1) I cannot STAND it when new toilet paper is placed on the roll under and not over. It just doesn't make sense to have to reach UNDER the roll to pull out a few squares (okay, many) of TP. That's like doing extra work. It's soooooo much easier to roll and tear from the my opinion.

2) My room at school is kept a lot neater than my house. Probably because more people than just me see my room than the latter.

3) I am a hobby doer wannabe. I start too many "things" (i.e. scrapbooking, working out, organizing, framing pictures etc.), but can't be consistent with it and then whatever I have started goes kaput. Right, Tina and Cindy? Ha! I have a plethora of pictures of Emmerson and haven't put them in frames yet. There are so many good ones and I can't believe they aren't being displayed. *Sigh.* I just hope I can keep up with this blog thing!

4) Once summer starts (and even at the end of May), I'm all about some flip-flops. I am rarely seen in anything besides them, unless I'm at church. In that case, I'm wearing sandals that have the thingy in between the toes.

5) I teach fifth grade language arts, which includes Spelling, English, and Reading. I don't really like to read books that much. I go in spurts where I'll find something that peaks my interest, but usually it's only Parenting Magazine and Us Weekly. My almost 16 month old daughter has more books in her own bookshelf than I do in my whole house. What a shame. I know. She loves books. I read to her everyday in hopes that she will always love to read and not follow in my footsteps in that way.

6) I research everything on Google and self-diagnose myself and my family's illnesses. I tend to be a little neurotic overly concerned in some cases. Other times, I have found that doing my research has been very beneficial to me. It has its pluses and minuses.

7) I love love LOVE finding grammatical errors in our town's local newspaper. Not only that, but EVERYWHERE! Business signs are the best. Example: Sofa's Today This was a sign my sister and I saw and had a discussion about it. Nerds. Yeah. I know. I said, "Do they mean 'The sofa IS today' or do they mean 'the today belonging to the sofa'?" Oh, it was a magnificent conversation for the English nerds.

8) When I go clothes shopping, I most always have to try the item on. In the fitting room, I go through a little routine. Stand up. Sit down. Twirl around so I can see the back. Go out to the three-way mirror and do the same thing (minus the twirling). Ask my husband or whoever is shopping with me, "Do you like this?" And sometimes...SOMEtimes ask the fitting room attendent her opinion of the said item. Sometimes I walk in with ten things to try on and come out with none. It doesn't make my sister or husband very happy because they feel like I wasted precious time. Needless to say, not many people can hang with me when I go shopping.

9) I don't like to kill bugs, spiders, insects, or any animal. I always think, "But that is someone's baby, mother, father, sister, brother, or some other relative." The way I see it, if they are not bothering me or about to harm me or one of my family members, then leave them alone.

And the last quirky thing about me (not limited to just ten)...

10) I give feelings to inanimate objects. Yup, it's true. Like if I throw away a bag of popcorn, either ALL of the popped popcorn has to be put in the bowl or at least two have to stay in the bag just so one won't be lonely. When I was little, my pets in my pet net HAD to be covered up at night or they would be cold. If I slept with one stuffed animal one night, another one got its turn the next night. They rotated. I blame it on The Velveteen Rabbit or some other child story I read where the animals and other toys came to life while the children were sleeping. Toy Story can be given blame as well, although I think all of that began much earlier before that movie was even made.

Now that you're thinking, "That girl needs to be in a straight jacket," what's so quirky about you?


Cindy Kraft said...

I can't believe everything must be in twos. Crazy girl!lol I do the same thing when I'm shopping. I want it to look perfect, so I end up w/nothing. Oh & the toilet paper Must be on the top. I used to be opposite. Your one funny quirky girl lol! Oh I might add, this comment box SHOULD have a spell check.

My Goodness said...

You're hilarious!!
I try stuff on all the time and leave with nothing!! I need Stacy and Clinton!! lol

And you are SO right about not sticking with anything...make that stinking Friday book already!

I don't care about the TP...I'm just glad it's there.

And #10...that's not quirky...that's flat out wierd! LOL

Good job on the background!!

Shannon said...

Cindy, it really SHOULD have spell check..well, in YOUR case, grammar checck.

You're means you.are.

Your means possessive.

Just so you know. ;)

HappyChristian said...

Hahaha, I remember doing the same thing with my stuffed animals when I was little! So, in other words, I don't think you're crazy!

JMBMOMMY said...

We could definitely shop together! ;)

rthling said...

Thank you on the "your" thing! One of my quirky little pet peeves. But, I hate to tell you that you have even one of your own here.
Everyday is an adjective meaning common. Your context called for the words "every day". Sorry, LOL! I guess I'm a bit quirky, too.
But I think the funniest sign I have ever seen is the one for a liquor store that read, "Lois prices in town."
That had me laughing for days!

The Boyds Family said...

Ok, so Tina sent me over...but I'm afraid to comment for fear that there may be a grammatical error. ;)

I was laughing out loud about the throwing away two kernels so that the other one won't be lonely. HOW FUNNY!!!

Great post!