Monday, July 14, 2008

In Her Shoes

Emmerson LOVES shoes. She inherited that from me, obviously. For some reason, she takes hers off constantly. We've cut down on the shoe battles in the car by just BRINGING them with us and then put them on her once we park the car.

While she doesn't keep hers on, she gets a major thrill of walking around in "grown-up" shoes. I remember that same excitement of wearing my mom's shoes when I was a little girl.

Here is some video of her from one day last week, clunking around in my brown wedges.

Those are some mighty big shoes to fill, little one.

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Jana said...

What a cutie! I used to play in my mom's shoes, too. And Sydney still likes to walk around in my heels.

I'm so glad you started a blog! I had fun reading your past posts. You're not alone in being an English geek. I like to make fun of signs with spelling/grammar errors, too. When I was working, I used to anonymously "fix" memos and return them. I'm such a dork.

Btw, I'm having a hard time seeing your page as is. I can read your entries through my feeder, but I can't read them on your page due to some weird graphic overlay things. Is it just me? Am I using a bad browser or something?

P.S. Thanks for commenting on my blog and putting a link to it on your page!

My Goodness said...

Cute video! :)

Cindy Kraft said...

That is too cute. Funny, my boys do the samething. LOL
For somereason I didnt see this post last night. weird

Mei said...

She's a little old for these, but maybe they have a toddler line:

Remember how we would clop around in those plastic princess heels?

Anonymous said...

MBC said....

She is so cute and so determined, the first time I saw her do that I laughed till I cried.

Yea! I did it!!!!

Maribeth said...

Maribeth said....

She is so cute!! I laughed till I cried the first time she did that.