Wednesday, July 9, 2008

"Not Necessary!"

That's what I told my husband after he killed horrifically murdered a huge spider that was on our back porch. WITH HIS GOLF CLUB, I might add!

"Look at the size of this spider! It's huge! I'm going to KILL it!" Steve exclaimed (probably with an evil grin on his face too) as he stepped inside to grab his trusty nine iron. "You don't want this thing going after your daughter, do you?"

I knew it wouldn't. I begged him not to do it. He looked like he was about to smack it clear into the back fence of our yard. It was no use. I thought I'd show him how frustrated I was as I slammed the door and hit one of the window panels of our back door, hard enough to make the glass vibrate. In my head, the glass shattered to a million pieces and I was glad that it did. Maybe, just MAYbe, he'd get the hint and wouldn't kill it. But back to reality, he was ready to commit one of the worst acts of murder you've ever seen (in my opinion), so I quickly walked away from the door.

I. was. mad.

If you can't figure out by now why this would disturb me so much, then you need to read #9 from Monday's post. And even if I didn't kill it, HE did. It certainly wasn't bothering anyone at all. Probably just doing its job of gathering food for its offspring. Not that I'd want it or the young'ns in my house, but still. That's not the point.

When Steve came back in, I yelled said firmly, "Killing that spider was NOT necessary, especially if it was not hurting anyone!" "It could've hurt Emmerson," he argued. "No, it wouldn't have!"

I just don't get it.

He *knows* how I feel about killing things like spiders and bugs. That's one of the quirky things about me that came with the package when he married me. I was like that even BEFORE I got married. Just ask my family.

He *knows* that whenever a bug or spider is in the house, I won't tell him because I know he'll kill it.

*He knows* that I am pro-life with bugs and spiders and will even "perform a rescue" by scooping it on a piece of paper and then shove it out the door, usually in a grassy area.

He.knows. And I reminded him. Again.

So of course, when he came to see me in the office to say his goodnights, he gently whispered, "I love you." I kind of mumbled in agreement. You know, when you're mad at someone, and you don't even want to say anything at ALL, but you'd feel really badly if you didn't? "Mmmm hmmm," was the only reply I offered him.

"Aren't you gonna say 'I love you' back?"

Rolling eyes. Fiiiiiiiine.

"I love you, but I don't like you right now."

He chuckled because he'd heard that response before a time or two. Knowing that that was definitely the end of his wife's conversation with him tonight, he turned and slowly walked away.


***FYI***- I didn't shed any tears over the killing of the spider (I'm not THAT crazy), but I still wasn't happy about it. You may feel differently about bugs and spiders and want to stomp on them as soon as you see them. I'm just expressing the way that I feel, so please don't laugh at me. It's the truth. Also, I feel a lot better now. Thank goodness for blogs.


My Goodness said...

You are entitled to be compassionate about all living things. And you are better than me about scooping up the bugs to toss them outside...I don't do that. But I also don't make a sport out of ending their little lives either. Steve, you need counseling.

Steve said...

Ok, In my defense that spider was HUGE!!!! It was the identical twin of Aragon the spider in Harry Potter's Chamber of Secrets. Anyway my sources told me that this particular spider was spotted with VMD (Venom of Mass Destruction) which was a more than perfect reason to seek and destroy. My only regret in this matter was that I should've used a 7 iron rather than a 9 iron.....not enough club.

Cindy Kraft said...

I glad you feel better now that you've got it all out. I'm sorry, but I will have to agree w/ Steve on this one. If it anywhere near or in my house it must die. Other than that they are free to live.

Anonymous said...

Steve's Mom said....
In Steve's defense, he gets it naturally. Just the other morning I stumbled out of bed and into the kitchen to get some coffee. There on the floor was a huge spider! So of course I had to kill it and went about my day. There are good bugs and bad bugs, spiders are bad bugs.