Saturday, June 28, 2008

I Like It, I Love It

...I want some more of it. Corn, that is.

Our 15 month old daughter, Emmerson, absolutely LOVES vegetables. Green beans, peas, name it and she probably likes it. But her MOST favorite veggie is corn. And it's best if it's "on the cob."

The first time she had corn on the cob was when she shared it with her daddy. I had a picture of that, but I think I deleted it because it was fuzzy.

The next time was a night or two later and I had reheated a leftover piece for myself. Emmerson was eating her own dinner and then saw mine. I actually had two, what would I call them? Cobs? That just sounds weird. ANYway, I ate mine and left some pieces on there like I always do. It gets in my teeth and I get all weird about it, okay? So I gave her what was left of mine and she STILL wanted more. I reluctantly handed over the other cob.

She tore it up. Really.

Here is the proof.

Gnawed down to its "innards." The girl can go to town on some corn on the cob. I told you she loves her vegetables.

We ate at Chili's last night for dinner. We decided to order cheese quesadillas (case-a-dillas, as Steve likes to tell the waiter. It was only funny the first two times time.) and corn on the cob, even though she had it just the night before.

Now if you've ever been to this restaurant and have had the corn, you KNOW how big it is. Now imagine a toddler eating it. Correctly. We only had to show her one time that her hands were supposed to go on the sticks to hold it and she did it right every other time.

So do you think we were surprised that Emmerson ate almost every piece of corn off that one cob? Nope. Not.One.Bit.

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My Goodness said...

That is SO funny...great picture! :)

Wish my kids ate their veggies like that. Don't EVER slack off on that, she'll forget that she USED to eat them. Living proof.