Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I've Got Some Catching Up To Do...

....but I'm afraid I won't have a ton of time to do it right now.
Yes, friends, school is back in session. And I'm plain.WORN.OUT. (That's for extra emphasis, but it's really not even big enough for how tired I am.)
My days have been filled with ENDLESS amounts of paper work, taking up money and forms, and trying to get my kids used to school and classroom procedures.
I know there's more that I can name, but really, my brain is so worn out right now that I can't think, and also because...there's no time.
Why? I have Back to School Night tonight at 6:30. That's 40 32 minutes from now. And I'm on the computer.
So maybe one of these days I can actually sit down and write a good post...when I'm not laying out on the couch after a LONG day of work (which isn't often).
Sorry I don't have time to make it funny tonight.
Maybe next time.


Jana said...

I'm so sorry that you're so tired. :( It always took me 2-3 weeks to get back into the groove of teaching. The hoarse voice from talking all day and the aching feet from standing for eight straight hours killed me.

I hope you get your energy back soon - can't wait to hear more tales of Miss Em!

My Goodness said...

You'll be back in the swing of things in no time...make sure your weekends are lazy! :)

Em's Dad said...

Good thing you have a great husband to take care of you.

PaPoo said...

Don't let the daily "stuff" steal your joy! You'll be back in the school "groove" before you know it. :)

Love 'ya,